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A river runs through it.

Julie Gordon

Story Bridge by day.

I'm in Brisbane. This is the last leg of my trip in Oz. I can't believe it's almost over, and yet I can because it feels like I've been gone for a long time. Hallelujah. 

As I said before, my decision to bookend my trip with friends was brilliant. I've been enjoying the company of long lost friends Tucker and Victoria, and their hilarious offspring, for the past two days. They live on their boat in the Brisbane River after sailing it here from San Francisco. I never thought that sailing the ocean was a dream of mine, but after hearing their stories and seeing their life, I think I could totally get behind it. Did I mention they did the trip with two kids? Yeah, awesome. 

Their home. 

We're hoping to go sailing this week, but we're waiting for the weather to cooperate. So I'm juggling hotels as we sort out what's possible. The good news is that even if we don't go anywhere, Brisbane is an awesome city, and I'm incredibly happy to stay still for a while and discover a new place. The other good news is that I just slept two whole nights in one of the most comfortable beds ever while having a view of the city and a washing machine and dryer in my room. Travel for a while and you become easier and easier to please. That was downright luxurious. 

Last night I walked home from Tucker and Vick's boat along this gorgeous winding path that follows the river all the way around the CBD (Central Business District) of Brisbane. I adore walking around town. I'm going to have to figure out a way to do that more in LA. I wish it was set up for it. Walking on exhaust-choked city streets just doesn't have the same charm. 


One of the best features of the night walk is that they light up Story Bridge at night with gorgeous royal blue lights. It's wonderful and festive and when the clouds part, you can see the stars. Have I mentioned that Orion is upside down here? I love Australia. 

Very hard to capture with an iPhone camera, but you get the point.