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Julie Gordon

I'm sitting here drinking whiskey and eating Australian candy. It's 3am and I know I should be sleeping, but I'm not really the least bit tired. It's 8pm Aussie time, and noon in Madrid. I'm not sure where in the world I should be, even though I know where I am. 

I'm watching TV. It's weird to watch TV after not watching for so long. Game of Thrones was good to watch. GIRLS was entertaining too. I want to see the end of True Detective, but I couldn't concentrate on watching it last night, so I didn't try tonight. There's really bad TV on at 3am. I'm grateful (?) for my DVR. I should probably read. 

I have so much stuff. When did I get this much stuff? Why did I ever think I needed this much stuff? I'm surprised by how much stuff I have accumulated over the years. I really don't need this much stuff. Aren't you glad I'm awake? Yeah, me too. 

I went back to my old office today to figure out why my health care paperwork hadn't been processed. It was so nice to see people. And weird. But mostly nice. I'm probably supposed to be annoyed that they didn't process the paperwork. It's nice that it didn't annoy me. I like being this relaxed. 

I'm glad to be home for a moment to do laundry and make sure everything is just how I left it, but it's so weird to be in this limbo. One foot in this world, one in the next. Or the last one. Maybe I only have one foot in this scenario. No, I'm not drunk. Just tired. 

Every single paragraph in this post has the same cadence. I may be crazy. I should stop writing. 

I know

You're welcome.