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Running dry...

Julie Gordon

I'm not sure why today I'm not feeling like writing, but it's one of those days when the words are hard to come by. 

I walked a lot today. Out to "The Valley" (Fortitude Valley) to meet Tucker for coffee, and pick up a travel skirt on sale at Katmandu. Coffee was great. They were shooting a little documentary about the coffee shop, and I found it odd that they didn't ask anyone's permission to be in the video nor given them waivers to sign. Perhaps that's a hangover from my job, or just common sense to me, but regardless, it didn't happen and I didn't say anything. I was happy to contribute to their video by passively existing in the background. And I didn't even say anything to them about it. 

Yesterday, when I was walking back into the city from the other side, the West End, some guy was taking pictures and saw me looking at him and snapped a picture of me looking. Same thing. Didn't ask permission. I said something over my shoulder as I passed by. Don't steal my likeness. Ha. 

Tucker is trying to rally the troops to go drinking. I joined him a "Jelly," his nerd Meetup for programmers and other people who work in the computer industry. He's attempting to distract me so I won't finish this post. It's working. The words are....