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March 4th never existed.

Julie Gordon

Sydney from above. 

Sydney from above. 

I'm here! I'm surprised by how easy it was to get here, actually. We took off just before midnight on March 3rd and arrived this morning at 9:30am, March 5th. March 4th just went poof into the ether. 

I was completely exhausted when I got on the plane. So I slept for a while, was woken up for dinner, and then went back to sleep. When I next looked at my watch, it was 9am California time. That meant I only had a flight to New York left, or time enough to watch a few movies. Amazing. 

Upon arrival, I rambled my way around the airport, shipping a package to friends in Brisbane anxiously awaiting their loot from America, getting myself a SimCard for my unlocked iPhone, and finding my way to the Dee Why suburb of Sydney to meet up with a college friend and her family. My foreign navigation skills are on par with my U.S. ones, so naturally I went too far on the bus and ended up getting myself lost. I didn't realize it until I went into a coffeehouse to get a double shot to help keep me awake until a normal bedtime. Upon talking to the barista, he told me of my overshoot, and a very generous woman overheard our conversation and offered me a ride to where I was meant to be. So far, Australia lives up to its reputation of kindness. 

The view from Bea's apartment. 

The view from Bea's apartment. 

So, thanks to the kindness of strangers, I'm here. The view from my friend's apartment is pretty spectacular. I'm currently writing and watching her two kids while she's at the market. The youngest is shouting, "dammit" at her Nintendo DS because apparently the game is not as easy as she thinks it should be. I am amused. 

We're heading down to the beach to watch the sunset. I'm tired and a little overwhelmed, but happy. I know I have to start planning the rest of my trip, but today, I give myself a pass. I have arrived. That is achievement enough for today. 

(After posting this, I realized that my computer is still set to LA time, so the date of this post is wrong. And hilarious, given the title.)