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Food, coffee, wifi, and plugs.

Julie Gordon

The things I cherish here are simple: Food, coffee, wifi, and plugs. My unlocked old iPhone has a crap battery, so I’m always on the lookout for places to plug it in. Good food and coffee are obvious. And wifi is something I didn’t realize I took for granted in the States, but here you pay for it. Which is fine. But $5 an hour for wifi is steep. That’s the going rate at the murder hotel, anyway. I will take a walk in a bit to find a café with free wifi.

There are no black people here. None. It’s so weird. (I’ve seen maybe a dozen thus far. In two major cities.) I haven’t seen many aborigines yet either. I think that will happen more in New Zealand. There are millions of Asian folks, from all countries in Asia, including India, and I’ve seen quite a few Middle Eastern people, mostly women, their heads covered in deference. The vast majority of people here are white, mostly of the pasty white complexion. I’m taking notes for posterity. I told you my brain was a busy interstate highway. Bear with me. 

*Time passes*

I found free wifi in the Melbourne Public Library. You can always count on libraries to have important things for free. Free information is the best. 

This is what public libraries look like in Melbourne. Not bad, eh?

This is what public libraries look like in Melbourne. Not bad, eh?

I just booked my ticket to Spain. Yes, I waited this long. That was dumb, but hey, I'm in full go-with-the-flow mode. The wifi here is slow and I had to click Book four times until it took. (Causing a couple of minor heart tremors.) But it worked. That's the takeaway here. 

I've also figured out how to schedule my blog posts so I can write a few of them, upload them, and then queue them up to post while I'm out and about. Luxurious, is it not? 

Okay, now I'm off to see some more of this odd and charming little town that I can't quite sort out. After which I'll take in the scene at the Night Market. I haven't spoken to anyone but waitstaff today. It's weird. I feel like I'm walking through life with Harry Potter's invisibility cloak on. Going from the Oscars to this is the true definition of extremes. Thank god I'm not famous. I'll take the cloak over that any day.