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Wish I May Wish I Might is a blog created by writer, creative director, and citizen of the world, Julie Gordon, to help make the world a safer place to be human.




The calm after the storm.

Julie Gordon

I've been feeling a deep sense of calm ever since I quit this gig. I felt good before that, once I'd made the decision to leave, but now I feel calm in that way that people notice. "You seem good. Like, really good," they say. "You just seem really happy." And I am. Profoundly happy. I physically feel the weight lifted off my shoulders. It's like a spa treatment for my soul. Quitting has made me feel like I have some control over my life. Even though I know better than to think I have total control, I know that I have my hands on the steering wheel and I can point it in any direction I please. I imagine come Monday I'm going to feel like I've just been shot out of a canon into another reality, and I'm looking forward to that launch, scary though it is. It's good scary. Like all calculated risks should be. 

Because THIS.

Because THIS.